Our Lives
Are Not For Profit

No matter the circumstance, everyone deserves access to medical treatment. Injuries, hospital stays, and surgeries should never result in an invoice.

But the unfortunate truth is that right now the Ontario government is privatizing our public health care system. It’s causing irreparable harm, and putting us all at risk.

Private For-Profit Health Care:

Encourages predatory profit-seeking behaviour by private clinics

Worsens wait times and the staffing shortages by pulling resources out of the public system

Puts public funds into shareholder pockets

Increases out-of-pocket costs for patients and leads to medical debt

We can’t let the Ontario government get away with destroying the public healthcare system Ontarians rely on, especially when there are clear solutions like:

Increasing staff and funding in our public healthcare system

Recruiting and retaining all classifications of healthcare professionals

That’s why we’re asking all of you to contact your local Member of Provincial Parliament, and urge them to take action. You can submit the pre-filled letter below, or write your own. What matters most is that your MPP knows your support depends on the protection of public healthcare.

Together we can send the Ford government a clear message: We won’t back down until this crisis is fixed.



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